Wiadomości Gothic 3: Zmierzch Bogów

Patch do Gothic 3: Zmierzch Bogów w wersji 1.0.7 został wydany. Niestety na obecną chwilę tylko w wersji Niemieckiej. Łatka poprawia głównie problemy z questami, oraz elementy gameplayu. Changelock wygląda okazale, jednak nie wiem czy o to właśnie chodziło graczom. Za kilka dni możemy się spodziewać Polskiego patcha do Zmierzchu Bogów.

Najnowszy patch do Gothic 3: Zmierzch Bogów

– Cannot find „Paladin General” for completing Lee quest Fixed
– Milten leaves the summoner’s cave; Nobody in Vengard throne room after kiling the beast. Fixed
– The pranksters are fighting each-other. Fixed
– The ork warriors from Cape Dun have their bodies doubled Fixed
– Urbanus artifact quest Fixed
– Orc camp appears only after Inog gives you the quest Fixed
– Menu disappears when roasting meat Fixed
– Paladin Helmet is still present in game Fixed
– Theodor Sack of wheat blocker Fixed
– Milten remain blocked in the woods Fixed
– Floating box in Vengard Fixed
– Floating oil lamps in Vengard Fixed
– Theo’s chest is properly placed Fixed
– Ogit leaves Montera Fixed
– Erthag and Ogit are walking trough the walls of a building. Fixed
– Hard coded english strings -now in the string table. Fixed
– Duplicate models removed Fixed
– Army of Gotha fighting among themselves. Fixed
– Erhag and Urbanus start fighting with each other Fixed
– NPCs fighting with each other during Hamlars escort mission Fixed


– Fixed Focus Names over 90%
– Text issues resolved over 90%
– German VO issues resolved over 90%
– NPC’s in a group will not fight each other