Gothic 3 Wiadomości

No i stało się po dość długim oczekiwaniu ,otrzymaliśmy kolejną łatkę do gry Gothic 3. Community patch 1.5  jest następna poprawką tworzona przez graczy serii Gothic. Jak zwykle dzięki patchowi wyeliminujemy wiele błędów w grze Gothic 3, m.i. takie jak:

-Lepsze zarządzanie pamięcią podczas gry
-Poprawienie zapisu zabawy
-Wprowadzenie brakującego dźwięków rzek i oceanów
-Oraz dodatkowe screeny podczas wczytywania Gothic 3.

Pełną listę 180 poprawek znajdziecie w rozszerzeniu tego newsa, a kilkanaście z nich działa tylko i wyłącznie po rozpoczęciu nowej przygody.

Najnowszy patch

 Gothic 3 Community Patch v1.5
 I. Community Patch v1.5
 - Slightly improved memory-use. 
 - The error "Scripted state is not registered: ZS_Spectator!" is removed
 - When an NPC leaves the party, the accompanying message is not shown twice anymore.
 - By a deadly fall as an animal the death-animation is acted. 
 + Also for the quicksaves the date of the save is shown. 
 - Resolved graphical errors that could appear when the intro-videos are deactivated. 
 - Resolved exploit when brewing potions.
 - It is no longer possible to insert empty inventory/spell-fields into the quickbar.
 - Even when an NPC is long dead, it is still possible to act all the dialogues about him.
 - Reading of the stone tablets does not cause an addition and subtraction anymore for "Ancient Knowledge". 
 - Pressing "Backspace" does no longer cause the end of the dialog. 
 - Corrected erroneous request of the memory-status. 
 - Several dialogues are now recorded in the corresponding questlogs.
 - Bradleys slavelist and Ashtons goldlist will not be shown rolled up while Marik reads them.
 + Some until now inactive dialog clippings with Kor-Shach, Sanford, the Montera barkeeper, Umbrak, Rovold, Tom, Wilson, Gnar, Iomar, Diego, Myxir, Navaras and Kerth are now released.
 + Kerth is now available as teacher, Myxir as teacher and trader. 
 - The removed quest "10 pieces of gold ore" is now completely deactivated. 
 - The quests "Liberate the desert from the reign of the Hashishin!", "The chest of the alchemists", "Ore thieves", "Kill Orcs!" and "The druidstone of the wolf" are now started properly. 
 - Steve now speaks his first line with his own voice. 
 - Corrected the number of "Wild Lions" in the quest "The ruins of Bakaresh". 
 - Ugolf takes in the quest "Ore for Ugolf" the agreed upon 50 ore from the hero. 
 - Pickaxes and Woodcutter Axes are now shown in the inventory under "weapons" and can be used as such. 
 - The Woodcutters Axe now costs 40 instead of 1 gold. 
 - It is now not possible anymore to use a whetstone, when one has no blade weapons at all. 
 - Chris now gets the 5 chunks of meat as mentioned in the dialog. 
 - Unlocking of Navaras as a teacher is corrected. 
 - After Thorald has received his equipment from the hero, he equips it. 
 - Thorald accompanies the hero now to the liberation of the Hammerclan-Mine.
 - Problems with the quest "Become champion of the arena in Faring" resolved. 
 - The hero speaks the sentence "Xardas searches for the artifacts of Adanos" only once. 
 - Stoneroots are not edible anymore. 
 - Lars leads the hero now also to the pass to Nordmar when one has killed Zapotek, without buying Lars' freedom. 
 - The quest "Slaves for Lago" is already started with Vasco and not with the "Tired Slaves".
 - The quests "The paladin Konrad wants his magic back" and "The paladin Karlen want his magic back" are now cancelled when one hands over the Fire Chalices to Grok. 
 - The quest "smithing in Faring" cannot be resolved too early. 
 - It is not possible anymore during dialogs, swimming and the use of spellscrolls, to open up the inventory or other menus. 
 - The rebels in the inner fortress of Faring (after the revolution) do not act unfriendly anymore towards the hero. 
 - After the liberation of Gotha one is not wanted for theft for previous plundering. 
 - 10 Reputation points added with the Hammerclan.
 - Also for the quests of the Monastery of Innos one now receives reputation points.
 - The quests of the Monastery of Innos can be found in the questlog under "Monastery".
 - Also when Zuben is already long dead it is possible solve the game on the way of Innos.
 - The quest "Report to the leader of the orcs' mercenaries in Montera" can be solved without accepting "How loyal are the orcs' mercenaries?"
 - When one attacks Sugut, or attacks his camp with Nomads, he acts as a Hashishin. (Except one kills him already from range) 
 + Display of ingame-time in the questlog.
 + Raw meatbug meat can now be grilled at campfires.
 + When one tries to learn a perk from a teacher, without mastering the required skills, the failing attributes and talents are shown on the screen. 
 + After learning a skill or spell, the remaining learning points are shown on the screen. 
 + By quests with a time limit a message is shown on the screen with "you have [xy] days time". 
 - If an NPC is killed by a finishing move, his life-energy is reduced to zero. 
 - If one "sends back" a summoned creature, it's life-engergy is reduced to zero.
 - You can't give healing potions to summoned creatures anymore. 
 - When the hero is knocked over in combat, he does not regenerate mana anymore. 
 + Men and Orcs that are hit hard enough with a headknock arrow drop to the ground for a short while.
 - Fire arrows and exploding arrows set the enemy on fire now when the bow is drawn far enough.
 - Skeletons now receive damage from fire arrows. 
 - It is now not possible anymore to damage golems with normal bolts or arrows. Exceptions are the headknock arrows and blade quarrels; as well as the fire and explosion arrows on ice golems. 
 - It is now possible to preset both arrows as well as bolts from the inventory. 
 - Ranged weapons can now be re-equiped with the spacebar. 
 - Resolved bug where the hero equiped a ranged weapon without ammunition.
 - It is now impossible to shoot bolts with a bow. 
 - Failure removed where the Orc bosses would not attack anymore even though several cities had been liberated.
 - Lecterns / Stone tablets are not read twice anymore.
 - The hero is protected from uselessly trying the "Animal form" spell. 
 - Torches are removed from the inventory after being used.
 - The spell "Flame sword" is consumed after use. 
 - Late �Tutorial'-messages for Gorn, Lester, Diego and Milten will be blocked then. 
 - The weapon "Moonblade" cannot be whetted, blessed or poisoned. 
 - The skill "Resistance to cold" now has the correct implementation. 
 - The skill "Improve robes" now has the correct implementation.
 - The skill "Improve armor" now has a more clear effect
 - The skill "Make excuses" is more effective - the higher the thief skill of the hero, the lower the risk to get caught.
 - The effects of the skill "Manaregeneration" are reduced.
 - Picking up teleporter stones, arrows and bolts does not lead to attacks of bystanding NPCs. 
 - Drinking magical potions does not consume mana anymore. 
 - Spellscrolls and Spells from the magic-book require the same amount of mana. 
 - NPCs hand over the agreed reward in the full amount.
 - In general, quests cannot be resolved or obtained by trading the involved goods with the questholder. 
 - Tamed animals are not released anymore by simply clicking them, but require an explicit "Go back now!".
 - Summoned creatures do more damage again. 
 - The hitting chance of "Fire rain" for larger enemy mobs is slightly improved.
 - Implementation of "Transform into Bloodfly" improved (navigation, altitude drops). 
 - No reforming and rebirth anymore of the hero after dying as an animal. 
 - Correction for the calculation of the life energy with transformations. 
 - The hero does not regenerate endurance, life or mana points after his death. 
 - The problem that - in some savegames - in a conversation the "End"-option disappeared is resolved. 
 + The hero unequips teleporter stones automatically after use. 
 - The health bar of shrines is removed. 
 - Ancestor stones can be placed on their runic sockets even after the choice for Adanos ("Xardas ending").
 - Changing a weapon to another (melee, ranged, magic) while being hit at the same time does not cause a mix up with another weapon being equipped anymore. 
 - The hero can read the "Chronicles of Dominance" only after having obtained the required information from Myxir and Dargoth. 
 - The recipe for "Deadly poison" is removed from the game totally since the poison itself is not even implemented in the game. 
 - Booze, Nordmar Noggingfog and Stollengrollen can be distilt at the alchemist bench, instead of being brewed in a cooking pot. 
 - While the hero is eating, drinking or reading, it is not possible to select a teleporter stone or spell from the inventory anymore. 
 - The hero does not receive any experience points anymore for his own suicide. 
 - Ore blanks, magic ore blanks and meat cleavers cannot be equiped anymore. 
 - For spellscrolls lying around the name is indicated. 
 - Hits with a headknock arrow do no longer result in fire effects. 
 - The duration of quests with a time limit is now determined more exactly. 
 + River and ocean sounds can now be heard. 
 - Music can be turned off completely.
 + New icon for gold coins.
 + New icons for teleporter stones.
 + New icon for the pickaxe.
 + New icon for Scavenger eggs.
 - The rumble audible by Levelup and Teleport is 6 decibel less.
 - Dialog options for Kaelin are sorted properly.
 - Dialog options for Harek are sorted properly.
 - It is now also possible to help Harek with meat afterwards, and also to help him on the run, even when Gamals order is refused.
 - When one wins against Dan in the arena, it is possible to notify his slave of this.
 - Tangach lets the hero enter Uruks House, once enough reputation points have been gathered.
 - NPC's who have been woken up do not go to sleep again immediately. 
 - The last wooden shield's inventory icon is corrected.
 - Quest "Go to the southern bridge with Hogar" will be started using a separate dialog option.
 - The golden plates that Lares wants now are actually named "Golden plate".
 - Trading rebels after a revolution are now labelled as "Trader" or "Smith" resp., not simply as "Rebel".
 - The Quest "Cole the farmhand wants to go to Nemora" can now be found under "Nemora" in the mission log.
 - The Quest "The orc shaman Grok wants all the fire chalices" doesn't start without the hero's agreement.
 - The hero gets Thieving +1 for the quest "The soul chalices"
 - Icon for "Ironstem" corrected.
 - Icon of the spellbook entry "Cure disease" corrected (colour).
 - Descriptions of the perks Fire mage, Dark mage and Water mage made more concrete.
 - Three adjustments of the distribution of political reputation, so that exactly 100% can be reached:
 -- Quest "Make Folleck go back to work in the castle yard" - plus one point regarding the orcs.
 -- Quest "Approval from the ore smelters" one point less regarding Nordmar.
 -- Quest "Destroy the orcs in and around the temple of Trelis" - one point less regarding the rebels.
 - Three adjustments of the distribution of enclave reputation, so that exactly 100% can be reached:
 -- Quest "Hunt the nasty wild boars" - plus four points in Okara.
 -- Quest "Cole the farmhand wants to go to Nemora" - plus five points in Nemora.
 -- Quest "The wells outside the city" - five points less in Ishtar.
 -- Quest "Tjalf's chest" - plus two points at the Hammerclan.
 -- Quest "Bridge orcs" - plus six points at the Hammerclan.
 -- Quest "Kill the boss of the valley" - plus 7 points at the Hammerclan.
 - Postprocessing options have been detached: depth of field without bloom effect possible.
 - Bloom can be deaktivated on every PC system.
 - The armor perks treat the robe of Adanos like a robe now, not as heavy armor.
 - The quest "Thorek wants magic ore for his smithy" gets cancelled if you don't give his ore, although you're already behind time.
 - The quest "Secret dealings" won't be cancelled by solving the quest "Bernado's tribute".
 - The HUD now preferably selects the last map that the player selected upon opening the map list.
 - The UserOptions.ini is only read once.
 - Zakosh doesn't regard the hero twice for "Kill the three trolls in the hills near Faring".
 - Several subtitles in Italian added.
 + New screens by loading of a savegame. (Not yet certain if it will be implemented).
 The following fixes will only become effective when a new game is started, but not in already existing savegames: 
 - The not fully implemented skill "???" is removed from the Character menu.
 - Mora Sul will not be liberated anymore by simply killing Nasib.
 - Angar, Anktos, Oelk, Paladin and Orknarok do not fight at the side of the Hashishin anymore during the liberation of Mora Sul.
 - No skeleton will attack an undead high priest anymore. 
 - More milk is to be found (with dead cows).
 - Stray wolves can now also be hit with magic and ranged weapons.
 + Jaroll and Jarock now have a voice.
 + Grok has the Ruins-map in his inventory.
 - Hauke no longer has a battle-axe as a weapon, but just a pickaxe.
 + Lionnesses now have a plunder-inventory.
 + The Hashishin who are called "Merchant" now actually are merchants.
 + Osmund trades entirely in herbs now.
 - Flame swords cannot be bought anymore, when a new game is started. 
 II. Community Patch v1.4
 - Perk "Make poison" can be learned.
 + Perk "Master thief" can be learned. (Soundless dialog)
 - Artifacts of Adanos cannot be sold.
 + Milten hands out a teleporter stone for the Monastery.
 - Censoring of women removed.
 - The game can also be ended when Zuben is already long dead.
 - When Orknarok accompanies the hero, he will not be attacked by the Nomads and vice versa.
 - Orknarok leaves the party, once the requirements therefore are met.
 - One cannot get Shakyors Druidstone twice.
 + Mort leads one when needed for a second time to the Hammerclan, Fireclan or to the entrance of the mine.
 - Hogar does not kill the hero for the quest "Duel with Hogar".
 + The quest "Delivery to Nordmar" unlocked. (Soundless dialog)
 - One can speak with Dargoth about the "Fifth temple", once prerequired information has been obtained.
 - Lisk gives only final comments about the liberation of the mine when he has taken part in it.
 - One can say to Xardas "I have the five artifacts of Adanos" only when one has them.
 - Asaru is teacher for martial arts, when one assures him to help him.
 + Tyler says "Where to now? To Trelis, or what?", before one attacks Trelis together.
 - Effects of item "Black Rhobar" corrected.
 + Two comments from Dan and Goose unlocked.
 - Information for the quest "Just a fallen..." noted in the questlog.
 - Some inconsistencies in the dialogdata resolved.
 - Sulfock gives experience "Kill the threatening Snapper in front of the Sulphurmine".
 - For the quest "Sell the skin to Gnar for 500 gold pieces" one can give Wilson 500 gold.
 - The spiked cutchel has a value of 150 instead of 4500 gold.
 - One cannot interrupt Lee during his teleport by means of a dialog.
 - Iljas Vaze, Shadowscepter and Chalice of the Watertraders are ordened properly in the inventory.
 - For the quest "Covert operations" one needs the amulet of Ilja.
 - One cannot drink empty bottles and viles.
 - The Krush Irmak deals damage.
 - Kamak and the Orcs with the excavation form one party.
 + Dialog of Xardas unlocked.
 - Murak does not react like a slave after the liberation of Bakaresh.
 + Additional dialog options for Kan unlocked.
 - One can follow certain dialogs still after the relevant NPCs are dead.
 - The quest "Free Kliff from the Orcs on the farm" can always be ended.
 - One cannot say to Kliff "You are free now", when he already knows it.
 - Georg is promoted to Paladin when giving the blessed Fire Chalice.
 - When one attacks Sugut or his camp with the Nomads, one will be treated as a normal assassin.
 III. Community Patch v1.3
 - One can only say to Pyran "Here are your potions", once one has enough mana potions.
 - Josh only says "I heard, Trelis has been liberated from the Orcs", when this actually happened.
 - Kalesch says "You won't steal my reputation" only once.
 - Karrypto says "With sadness I have to state that..." on his own account.
 - When one says to Merdarion "Merdarion, what are you doing here?", the dialog option "Do we know each other?" will no longer appear.
 - One cannot ask Mortis "Do you also fight in the arena?", when one has fought him. The same error is also resolved for Tukash and Vigo. 
 - The quest "Become champion of the arena of Faring" cannot be restarted after a successful ending of it. 
 - Jensgar now always gives the Composite Bow after the quest "Skins for Jensgar".
 - Ugolf and Hector do not get all the ore c.q. gold of the hero. 
 - The quest "Hectors gold" will not be ended when one buys Masils ledger. 
 - Selling shadowbeast horns to Pedar has no negative consequences for the quest "Admittance of the Oremelters".
 - The hero does not ask Lee "What was with that again?" after he asked the question "The story with the colony?".
 - Pranck gets 20 instead of 19 potions with the quest "The Orc warrior Pranck wants twenty healing potions".
 - One can tell Karrypto about Markus' Fire Chalice when one has all 12 of them.
 - Lester can also be talked to in Al Shedim, when he is not digging. 
 - Rathgar does not speak about Alis artifact when one has used it. If the quest had been started before, it is hereby stopped. 
 - All dialogs of the Talkmaster are available.
 - One can also trade with Ingvar, when he has not been asked before the liberation of the mine. 
 - Tippler does not take all Boozeberries and Healingplants. The quest is not ended when one sells him the ingredients. 
 - Trading with Vandorn does not have negative consequences for the quest "Bring Vandorn pickaxes". 
 - One cannot obtain Bogirs, Torns and Runaks Druidstones twice. 
 - One cannot obtain Miguels steelcrates twice. 
 - When one steals the destroyed Druidstone from Porgan, then this one will be returned before the fixed one is obtained. 
 - One cannot obtain Treslotts, Rakus', Miltens, Wenzels, Bengerds, Konrads and Markus' Fire Chalice twice. 
 - The quest from Treslott does not end before his Fire Chalice is obtained. The numbers of his reward do not vary. 
 - Abe has the dialog option "Let's trade" only once. 
 + It is possible to obtain a second Katana in the game.
 - The quest "bring Lukjan profit for the skins" cannot be solved by trading. 
 - The quest "Follow Tufail" will not start when Masil is dead. A new dialog entry: "He is dead". 
 - Mezir does not ask "And, did you find him?" when he has not aided in the search. 
 - The dialog option "Where do I find Hanson?" is available with Grim only after he has told about Hanson.
 - The quest "Kaffu wants his gold back" cannot be solved by trading. 
 - The dialog option "Where can I find Gotha?" with Hatlod does not show up forever. 
 - One can send Karlen to the desert any time, as soon as the two quests are solved. 
 - The dialog menu does not stay up when Karlen walks around.
 - Each of the four quests "Follow Merdarion" can be resolved.
 - Xardas does not request to ask the Orc Shamans for artifacts when Grok is dead. 
 - The quest "Lurkerhunt with Wilson" ends after all Lurkers are dead and Wilson has been reported about it. 
 - The quest "Wenzel cleans up" ends when Cape Dun has been liberated and Wenzel is reported about it. 
 - Grimboll only gets 5 Sulfur. The quest cannot be resolved by trading. 
 - When one kills Aldo on order of Sigmor, Sigmor will not convict the hero of murder.
 - Avogadro cannot buy himself free, before the appropriate quest has been started. 
 - One does not say "Come with me" directly to Falk, without having this dialog option. 
 - One gets 20 Ice Wolfskins from Hanson every time.
 - Innostian does not take more than 50 manaplants. 
 - If one kills Kirk, the guards of the nearby city will not convict the hero of murder. 
 - When one steals the delivery of Tragak, it is impossible to escort him to Grompel
 - Changed the awarding of reputation points in certain cities and fractions. 
 - Wooden shields have the correct inventory image.
 - The paladins at the end of the journey with Xardas are now actually labelled as paladins.
 IV. Community Patch v1.2
 - Finley joins the hero to attack Trelis even when Vak is dead.
 - The quest "Finley attacks Trelis" is not interrupted when one reports him of the victory prematurely. 
 - Tyler definitely follows the hero to Trelis.
 + One can learn "Make explosive arrows".
 - Mannig does not get 500 gold when one delivers Randall to him. 
 - Leif will be available as teacher after the quest "Ten Sabreteeth for Leif".
 - Ketil gives 3 ore instead of 3 gold as a reward for the quest "Ketil needs 12 Bison skins".
 - For the quest "Okara needs more men" the dialog option "Out there is no one anymore" does not disappear anymore. 
 - Erroneous dialogoptions to learn "Paladin" from Rhobar are removed. The skill can still be learned from him. 
 - The dialog option "I need booze" with Tippler is available, when one knows that one has to be deliver the booze. 
 - One gets reputation points from Marik when one brings him the gold list from Ashton. 
 - One has to kill all "Tough sandcrawlers" to end the quest from Vasco.
 - The quest "Liberate Ishtar" can be started error free.
 - The quest "Approval of the assassins" will resolve. 
 - Summoned creatures will die, when one leaves them behind. 
 - Erroneous dialogs from Quadir, Nafalem, Benito, Sigmor, Delazar and Kafa resolved.
 - The console will not display disturbed and white flashing is reduced. 
 - The noise of the Flame Sword is reduced in strength. 
 - Crackling noise of fires has been turned off due to incorrect timing.
 - Masil does not give the raw ore twice. 
 - One can end the quest "Messages from the South" also when Benito has been provoked before. 
 - Nefarius, Silvio, Aila, Yasmin and the Emaciated Slave leave the group once the requirements therefore are met. 
 - Sivert says "Good fight. I am Sivert" on his own accord. 
 - One cannot obtain Ejnars Ancestor stone twice.
 - The quest to destroy the rebel hideout of Reddock will be cancelled by talking to Javier after the liberation of Cape Dun. 
 - The quest "Liberate Cape Dun" will be cancelled by talking to Uruk after destroying Reddock and killing the rebel leader. 
 - The quest "Destroy the rebelcamp Nemora" will be cancelled after one has liberated Trelis with Tyler. 
 - The quest to liberate Trelis will be cancelled by Vak after destroying Nemora. 
 - The quest "Tare Okara apart" will be cancelled by Sanford after liberating Montera. 
 - The quest "Liberate Montera from the Orcs" will be cancelled by Varek after destroying Okara. 
 - The quest "Bring Nemrok the artifact out of the ruins from the North" will be cancelled by Marius after Geldern has been liberated
 - The quest for the secret of Mazin can also be resolved when he is killed, after he has given all information. 
 - The quests at Domeniks Pastures will also start, when one speaks with Marik.
 - Masil answers on the question from where he has the raw ore, when the quest "Guilt and Pretence" has been resolved successfully. 
 - One can provoke Topork when one denied him his challenge before "Reddock needs a smith" was started.
 - Developer errors removed, maximum camera zoom-out increased and vegetation view distance doubled. 
 V. Community Patch v1.1
 - One has to give Vandorn only the requested 5 saws. 
 - One does not receive double the amount of gold from Freman for one of the slaves.
 - An error in Musan's dialog is removed.
 VI. Community Patch v1.0
 - One can give Frithjof his Fire Chalice back.
 + Perks "Fire Mage" and "Improve armor" can be learned.