JoWooD przeprasza za Zmierzch Bogów

Wydawca serii Gothic firma JoWooD przeprasza graczy za wydanie tak kiepskiego dodatku jakim okazał się Zmierzch Bogów. JoWooD podziękował fanom za wsparcie i chęć dopracowania produktu. Co ciekawe wydawca twierdzi, iż wydanie produktu, który spełniłby oczekiwania graczy byłoby niemożliwe. Michael Kairat pracownik firmy zapewnia, że za kilka dni ukaże się mega patch poprawiający większość bugów. Smuci fakt, że wydawca wypuszcza niedopracowaną grę i zaraz po jej premierze przeprasza i zasłania się fanami. Czy Zmierzch Bogów to zamach na nasz portfel? O tym przekonamy się już 4 grudnia.


W rozszerzeniu znajduje się pełne oświadczenie JoWooD w języku angielskim.

Vienna/Austria, 27th of November 2008; To begin we thank our community, who have given the game Gothic 3 their unconditional support, and have decided already in the first weekend after the release to buy the game.

Unfortunately it wasn’t possible for us to fully satisfy the trust we received in advance. Reasons for this were the high expectations of the community and our own high-reaching goals. We and the community wanted to see the game finished this year.
Under high pressure Jowood has worked on the project together with the development team. We have not been able to cope with this self-imposed pressure and, after having postphoned it for three weeks, released a version including a patch. In the end we could not completely fulfill our promises.

Michael Kairat, Executive Producer of Jowood Productions for this game commented on this. “We are now receiving, as we could have expected, the bill from the community.”

Jowood Productions hereby would like to apologize openly and honestly to all fans of the Gothic series, because the quality of the product is indeed unsatisfactory.

Michael Kairat continues his explanation: “At the time, working on Gothic 3 – Forsaken Gods is our priority number one, so that in the coming days another patch can be added to the two patches that were released previously. A patch which will mirror the quality standards of the community. Dowloading this patch will be possible on In addition we want to create a ‘Content Patch’, in which further suggestions, ideas and wishes of the community will be implemented. More details regarding the content patch will be given in the course of next week by our community manager.”

Learning from these mistakes we will include beta-testers earlier in the process of creating Arcania together with Spellbound, in order to be able to implement their suggestions while the project is running.

“Jowood admits they made mistakes, und will prevent their repetition.” Michael Kairat adds, speaking for the whole team.

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